Monday, July 9, 2012

New Look!

After blogging about Asher's story for over a year and a half, I have been left feeling disheveled and disconnected from any type of order.  I was randomly writing and sharing what was new or what God was speaking to me.  There was nothing "wrong" with my method, but I wanted something different!

I wanted to be able to organize Asher's progress, stories and info in an easier layout!  So, after looking at different blog options.  I think I have settled into this as the best way to organize it all.  I will be adding different pages with more details on Asher's story, about CHARGE Syndrome, and the journey we are on.

I am really looking forward to getting organized and letting the reader have a glimpse into our lives.   As we walk this road, writing has been a great outlet for me and while I do it, I hope that it can be a source of encouragement to those who happen to read it.  Perhaps after we get set up, maybe Jesse will consider joining me with some blog entries from his perspective as a Dad with three kids, one with Special Needs. 

Have a beautiful sunny Monday!


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