Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A look at Asher's 2 year progress!

As all you parents know, doctor check ups almost always go along with a 2nd birthday! 

Last week Asher say his paediatrician for a 2 year check up and she was so amazed by the progress and gains Asher has made!

His Progress has been so exciting to watch - this time last year he was still struggling to maintain neck control and could not sit unassisted!  But now he is:

Cruising along furniture and walls
Walking with his toy walker
Crawling upstairs
Signing more than 20 signs consistently and appropriately and saying a few words like mom, dad, all done etc.
Gaining balance while standing
Pull up to standing and sitting up from lying down (both of these took a long time for him to master so the milestone seems HUGE!)
He is down to 2 medicines and hopefully one will be discontinued before Christmas!  (He started at 6+ when he was 3 months old and home!)
Drinking Homo milk 3x a day with one bottle of formula or pediasure! 

He weighs 22.44 lbs and is 68cm tall!  And while that is still below the 5th% - he's ON the CHARTS!  The doctor was so pleased, she knows how hard we fight for every ounce that he gains!  (If only the same excitement could be shared when I gain an ounce!!) :)

Yesterday he had his speech and language assessment by our home visiting SLP and she said he is in the 18-21 month range and many "emerging skills" that are in the 24+ month range!  He has caught up so well with his communication since his hearing aids have been in place!  His last assessment in May showed that he was over 9 months "delayed" in communication....the gap is closing! :) 

We are looking forward to a recreational therapist helping Asher out this winter! She will be assisting him in the pool! He has been terrified of swimming and pools so we are really hoping he will begin to like the water through this therapy! 

We are so amazed every day with the gains and strides Asher is making - every milestone is such a victory for him! 

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